Transcript of Moxie Podcast 14 (on commercialisation of science)

Courtesy of the kind folks at TranscribeMe here is a transcript (PDF) of Moxie Podcast number 14.

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Video(!) and podcast of Moxie Session 14 (on commercialising science) out now

Who says we are not innovative? Through the helpful Google Hangouts and the skills of Glenn Williams, we now have video from the Moxie Podcast so you can check out the whites of the speakers’ eyes, as well as the audio feed as usual.

So this is the podcast from the fourteenth Moxie session, held 2 April 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The topic is:

How well does New Zealand commercialise its science? Are there missing bits to our system still, or is the creation of Callaghan Innovation the last big block? What are the relevant measures of success?


  • David Downs with interesting history
  • Russell O’Brien on better incubation
  • Brent Ogilvie with an investor’s perspectives

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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Innovation, investment, growth, New Zealand

Dr Mary Quinn (CEO of Callaghan Innovation) and Sir Peter Gluckman (the PM’s Chief Science Advisor) spoke at a Global Women event on September 12 in Auckland.

Thanks to the tweeting efforts of @janesweeney and @janethoye, you can get a sense of what they said from the tweetstream.

I have structured it a little bit, and added some links to Moxie Sessions for parts that overlap.