Gigabit internet

Chorus has launched its Gigatown competition, a year-long competition for public support which will give the winning town access to gigabit speed wholesale fibre services. Which could be quite a big deal, I think. And if nothing else will at least be an interesting experiment.

For those who think “no one needs a gigabit” or “we should all have a gigabit already on UFB”, I present a recent Twitter conversation. Cautionary in some ways for how last year’s standards become this year’s constraints. And how long it can take to improve broadband performance.

(Relevant to the Moxie Sessions on the UFB, and on connectivity).


Good news for schools connectivity

Network for Learning announced last week that they were building a network to help New Zealand schools get more out of the internet. Good news, particularly since we are building fibre to so many New Zealand schools, that the government is keen to make sure they can use it as intended.

You can read the press release or find out more about the network here. You can also have a look at some recent online discussion amongst folks involved in the education sector.



Moxie podcast 5 (on UFB) out now

This is the podcast from the fifth Moxie session, held 28 May 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand.


It was made possible by the generous support of Internet NZ. If you have not already, go visit the nethui site and sign up for what will be an excellent conference in Wellington on July 8 to 10.

The topic is:

How is the UFB network coming along, and will fibre broadband really transform New Zealand? Can it resolve the tyranny of distance and leapfrog us back into the global rich-list? What are people doing with it anyway?


  • Rohan MacMahon on progress thus far and the appeal to business
  • Rosalie Nelson on why building it is just the start, and the many things that remain to be done
  • Bill Bennett on some of the things could hold the UFB back, especially government policy

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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You might also be interested in Bill’s follow-up thoughts on content, following the announcement that the English Premier League will be available online and on Free to Air television.