Column on Moxie 20 (on Auckland)

Some diary challenges have slowed the podcast production for October and November, but Vaughn Davis is in the NBR with his column on Moxie Session number 20. The topic was:

    Auckland is New Zealand’s only credible claim to a city of global scale. How are we going with this experiment of a single city? What role does Auckland play in national economic development, either as a centre in its own right, or as a launchpad to the world?”

More on it here.


Column on Moxie 15 (on tech for non-tech firms)

Vaughn Davis is in the NBR, as ever, looking at the recent Moxie Session on the impact of the Internet for firms outside the tech sector.

Sadly diaries have prevented us from getting the podcast and video out as speedily as usual. But the recording is scheduled for 11 June, so everyone at Moxie Global Headquarters hopes it will be available for your viewing pleasure before the end of the month.