The Moxie Sessions is a tech economy discussion group held once a month in Auckland, New Zealand. It is just starting up in Wellington as well. Hooray!

The Moxie Sessions started in December 2012 to provide a forum to talk about how New Zealand can take advantage of the Internet to improve its social and economic performance.

Each session has a topic that three speakers address from their own perspectives, followed by a mediated group discussion, some drawing of conclusions and potential actions. You can think of it as being like a dinner party without the dinner, or a very focused collaborative think tank.

The idea is that New Zealand has a lot to gain from the Internet, but as the most remote developed nation in the world, we need policies that reflect new economic possibilities and businesses that take advantage of them. Bringing together people who are doing things in the new economy can help draw connections and strengthen New Zealand’s ties internally and overseas. It can help develop and push policy changes and business decisions that will, in time, improve our national wellbeing. Plus it is always super interesting.

Each session brings together 12-15 interesting folks from the media, the law, the tech sector, academics, consultants and business people. The group is small in order to enable a single engaged discussion between the folks in the room. It varies each month. Because the group is small, and we want to ensure a diverse set of perspectives, the Moxie Sessions is invitation only, but if you’d like to come along, let us know.

Who is behind this
Hayden Glass, a consulting economist with the Sapere Research Group, an Australasian consulting firm, is the creator and convenor of the Moxie Sessions. It is a non-profit, non-commercial, apolitical endeavour to encourage useful conversations that might help improve our prosperity. It has no agenda and no commercial model.

Lucy Luo, a lawyer with tech and venture law firm Simmonds Stewart, convenes the Wellington sessions.

Hayden is supported by the expert assistance of Glenn Williams, who has created and edited the podcasts and videos each month. Thanks Glenn. And by Vaughn Davis, who has written most of the columns for the NBR each month. Thanks Vaughn. And of course by the contributions of the speakers and attendees who kindly give of their own opinions and time, compensated only by snacks and the occasional lime and soda.

Hat tip also to Paul Brislen, who provided early enthusiasm, and Nat Torkington, who gave useful guidance.

Thanks also to Alcatel Lucent for their generous sponsorship, which helps to make the Moxie Sessions possible.


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