Moxie Podcast 22 (on cyberbullying) out now!

This is the podcast from the twenty-second Moxie session, held 1 December 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The topic was:

The government has recently announced its intention to progress the Harmful Digital Communications Bill in an effort to reduce cyber-bullying and digital harassment. What makes the the online world different from the offline one? Are we taking the right approach, or do we need to something else or something more? Are there real threats to free speech here? Discuss!


  • Rick Shera, on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill
  • Bevan Chuang, with lessons from personal experience
  • Vaughn Davis, on using social media for good

Interview by Andrew Patterson.

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Column on Moxie 20 (on Auckland)

Some diary challenges have slowed the podcast production for October and November, but Vaughn Davis is in the NBR with his column on Moxie Session number 20. The topic was:

    Auckland is New Zealand’s only credible claim to a city of global scale. How are we going with this experiment of a single city? What role does Auckland play in national economic development, either as a centre in its own right, or as a launchpad to the world?”

More on it here.