More on social enterprise

An alert Moxie Session attendee flicked around some interesting materials:

  • Colmar Brunton’s Better Business Better World study of New Zealanders’ attitudes, suggesting sustainability concerns are at a tipping point. That was 2013. The 2014 version has just been released.
  • Neilson’s 2014 global study, “Doing Well By Doing Good”. They ask “Increasingly, consumers care about corporate social responsibility but does concern convert to consumption?”, and the answer is increasingly yes, all around the place.
  • Havas/Accenture/UN’s 2014 global study, “From Marketing to Mattering”, which highlights the growing belief that business is as accountable as governments for improving lives.
  • Cone’s Global CSR Study 2013, which highlights the expectation that business should change the way they operate to align with social and environmental needs.