Moxie Podcast 17 (on the next twenty five years of the Internet) out now

This is the podcast from the seventeenth Moxie Session, held 9 July 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The topic is:

What will the next 25 years of the Internet hold for our favourite perky nation at the edge of the world? Can we stand up against the mega-trends, or will we drown in a sea of animated cat gifs? What difference is the internet going to make to our lives?


  • Dave Moskovitz on adopting the Internet’s core principles (Dave has more to say here)
  • Jenene Crossan with some ideas on what will be cool. (Jenene has also written up her piece separately)
  • Ross Young with three laws and seven trends

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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Culture and the benefits of being small

A few interesting items have piled up in Moxie’s inbox:

Also The Guardian had an interesting article talking about how great the UK’s technology sector is, including some words on game makers, big data businesses, and how the government and attitudes to business help.