Moxie Podcast 8 (on access to capital) out now

This is the podcast from the eighth Moxie session, held 2 September 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The topic is:

How good is access to capital for tech startups and growing firms in New Zealand, what has been fixed, and what remains to be done? Are we destined to be a start-up shop for the world (selling our ideas on at an early stage or accepting that foreign funding means moving head office offshore) or can we really grow businesses of scale from all the way down here?


  • Amelia Wong on the present enthusiasm in public markets
  • Sacha Judd on the general lack of understanding on both the investor and entrepreneur sides of the deal
  • Karl van Randow with observations on the value of capital and the tradeoffs of accepting itBrian Sweeney on brand New Zealand and its role in the world

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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One thought on “Moxie Podcast 8 (on access to capital) out now

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