Transcript of Moxie podcast 6 (on innovation)

Here is a transcript of Moxie Podcast Number 6.


It was made possible by the kind folks at at Transcribe Me and the generous support of Internet NZ. If you have not already, go visit the nethui site and check out what went down at the conference earlier on this month.

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Moxie podcast six (on innovation) out now

This is the podcast from the sixth Moxie session, held 1 July 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand.


It was made possible by the generous support of Internet NZ, creators of the marvelous Nethui, amongst other good things.

The topic is:

Is New Zealand an innovative place, particularly for internet-enabled things? What are we good at, what do we contribute to the global marketplace of ideas from all the way down here, and what could be done to improve things? Does the word ‘innovation’ really mean anything anyway?


  • Will Charles on the link between universities and the private sector
  • Richard Fraser on NG Connect and the value of very fast internet to innovation
  • Brett O’Riley on what Auckland can contribute and how it competes regionally

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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The Internet – what’s in it for New Zealand

I was fortunate enough to facilitate a session at Internet NZ’s Nethui the week before last. I have finally got around to tidying things up. So here are the notes from the session and the Storifyed version of the tweetstream.

Thanks to @DavidMorrisonNZ for his efforts on the note-taking on the day, and @GetOnNZ for most of the tweets. Good times. Interesting topics.