That culture again


An alert reader sent in a link to an interesting study of the attitudes of New Zealand business leaders relative to the rest of the world.

Don’t let me spoil it for you. It is six interesting pages (and two of them are the cover and the call to action). Good links with the stuff we have been talking about too.


What’s the answer

Tony Alexander, the Chief Economist for the BNZ and a Moxie contributor, has an interesting piece in his Weekly Overview this week on how to lift New Zealand’s economic growth prospects.

As he says:

Just because you have a good deregulated environment, and just because you rank as world leaders in economic freedom, ease of starting up a business, low corruption etc. does not mean your economy will power ahead.

He suggests that business culture is part of the problem (you can hear him on this too), and EPIC in Christchurch and the other innovation centres like the one that Auckland has planned for Wynyard Quarter as part of the solution.

Read the whole thing here in PDF.

Moxie podcast 3 (on New Zealand’s connectivity) out now

The topic is:

How strong are New Zealand’s connections to the world? Are they sufficient for us to take advantage of the opportunities of the new economy, and what could be done if they are not.

By ‘connections’ we mean physical connections (like planes, boats and submarine cables) but also flows of goods, services, people and capital, and, in particular, business relationships.


  • Mark Rushworth, former CEO of Pacific Fibre on that venture, the new trans-Tasman cable, and the importance of good internet connectivity to the world.
  • Stephen Knightley of Ingame on the value of digital distribution and how New Zealand competes for global audiences for video games
  • Vaughan Rowsell of Vend on acquaintances, friends and lovers, or the importance of personal interaction in the digital economy

Interview by Glenn Williams.

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